Polnet was established in 1989, from that time it developed from small family business into a leader in agriculture business in Poland and active player on European market. Nowadays Polnet has 16 departments in Poland, and 3 departments outside the country: in Austria, in Belgium and on Ukraine.

We cooperate with the biggest agricultural companies from all over the world, and we offer their brand products to Polish farmers. Apart from sale activity, Polnet deals with production. Thanks to our own production department we are able to offer our own solutions for animal production. We produce highly developed technological equipment such as: feeding systems, penning equipment, ventilation systems and some veterinary products.

Our experienced technicians offer help in preparing investment plan including every step of animal production. In our production department we can design and produce equipment for individual demand of our clients suitable to all buildings layout.

We offer products of the highest quality at very competitive prices. Our products have gained recognition amongst some of the largest agricultural businesses in both western and eastern Europe including countries such as Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Romania.